$4.00 Gasoline

Gasoline averages around $3.85 a gallon here in Southwest Kansas, but this past weekend we bought our first $4 a gallon gasoline. Okay, let me be exact, we paid $3.999 a gallon in Gardiner, Kansas.

I read somewhere that by July 4th weekend, fuel would be $5, but I am hoping that is all just hogwash. Even paying $4 is HOGWASH!

4 thoughts on “$4.00 Gasoline

  1. LOL! We travel to Lawrence on Friday or Saturday, which is equivalent to driving to KC again. We are off to Branson for tournaments the next weekend and then Nebraska the following weekend. We have decided to send DD to the Denver tournament with another family at the end of July. To help offset, I rarely drive my vehicle at all during the week.
    We have been trying the hypermiling thing, but we still only had an average of 32mpg this last trip. Pretty soon it will be getting entirely too hot to be driving without the air conditioner.

  2. My hubby and I have started carpooling to work. Fortunately his work is right on the way to mine. I drive 20 miles each way and his work is about 12 each way. It helps to carpool! We have started noticing how many vehicles large and small that have only one driver in the morning commute. Carpooling is a good alternative to $4.00 gas – but I still feel ripped off by the Oil companies!

    It has also made me very aware that our public transportation in Kansas City is way behind. My husband found an article where they quoted that last year the buses were hurting for funds, but now they can’t keep up with the demand and many buses runs are standing room only. Now if we could just get some routes going East and West. Most routes are North and South taking people to down town and back. There is a need on the business corridor south that runs East and West.

    I tried to map out a route to my job and found it would take 2.5 hours and 3 – 4 bus changes. I have take a bus to Union Station from Shawnee which is North and then take a couple of buses back south, then west to my workplace.

    Maybe $4 or $5 gas will create some opportunities for public transit that will outlast the expensive gas. I do believe we will not always pay so much for gas (maybe I am just a hopeless optimist!) and the challenge then will be whether people will still be responsible with petroleum usage when it doesn’t hurt the pocket book so much.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by Joy! It is great that you are able to carpool. Has the transit company even explored the options of East and West routes? When I lived in Dallas, in a much younger life, I rode the bus to work every day. I hated it, but I have reiterate..I was very young. My reason for riding the bus stemmed from the fear of driving in downtown Dallas and from not being able to pay $40 month parking fees. Now, 31 years later, I believe I would be grateful for the opportunity to have someone else drive me to where I need to go everyday. (DH would tell you that is what is place in life is now…to drive me around the country..lol.)

    Currently living in a town of 700, alternative travel means is not option. Unless I have several things to take care of “in town” (40 miles away), I usually don’t drive anywhere except for those basketball games and practices on the weekends. I need to go to the dentist, so I will also attempt to make an appointment to get the oil changed (they are free or we would do it ourselves), and also plan it on a day that DH is already in town for work, so that we could enjoy a lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant.

    We will be in Lawrence this Saturday for a tournament. Because we cannot rationalize traveling back and forth (13 hours total), nor afford staying in a hotel for 3 more days, DD will leave the tournament with a teammate and stay with them for the entire week before meeting us in Branson the following weekend. DD won’t ever come home with us then…she will travel with the coach back to Olathe, where she will be met by her other coach from Lansing. She will stay with them and travel to her tournament in Nebraska, where we will eventually pick her up and bring her back home. We are lucky that she has teammates and coaches who understand the situation we are in being so far away, and whom are very willing to assist when they can. It is crazy–I know..but we have so much invested in this already that we cannot quit what we are doing. I just keep telling myself…this is the last summer, we won’t be traveling like this next year, this is the last summer. lol
    Thanks again for commenting!

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