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  1. So glad to read your blog. Thanks for putting it on the Food Storage group list. I’ll keep checking.

    Your poor cat! I feel bad. Is he better?

  2. Thanks Verde.
    Sometimes I run a bit behind. I just hope I can remember to update that Daily Green DAILY…lol.
    I visited your blog and wanted to comment on the fuel saving ideas, but I do not belong to any of those groups that are allowed in your comment section. I am still learning the ins and outs…lol.

  3. Hi!
    I see in your sidebar that you “recycled small amount of gray water” – that’s great!
    I wanted to tell you what we do… most people think we’re weird, but that’s nothing new!
    Our 9 year old son (turning 10 tomorrow!) refuses to take showers, and takes a bath almost every morning. instead of letting that water just go down the drain, we leave it in the tub and use a bucket to bail it out to flush the toilet… it lasts almost all day. The average bath uses 30 gallons of water… so that saves us that much every day… adds up!

  4. Oh! And we have groups of small appliances connected to powerbars, like the computer, computer speakers, and printer on one, the television, and DVD player on another, the various chargers for cell phones, etc. on another… when we’re not using them, we just flip the switch on the bar to turn them all off at once!

  5. Anita–feel free to steal away…cuz I stole it from somewhere else…lol.

    We drove through Greensburg today. Things are looking great! I saw something that I thought was really cool though….and at first I didn’t know at what I was looking. I saw these large posts coming up from the ground and some were at an angle. I thought WOW! THe tornado did that…they are all slanted at the same angle! Okay..okay..my old eyes…I didn’t see the wire…and I really didn’t see the grapes until I was right on top of them…lol. What a cool idea! I noticed that they had some up on a lot caddy corner too. For our entire trip today, the little wheels in my head kept mulling over…”now, how can I do that?”
    Hope you had a grand day today…and I am wishing you a super-duper Mother’s Day! I have compost being delivered tomorrow…so my Mother’s Day will be perfect.

  6. Lisa Z-thanks so much for the well wishes. My ornery cat is doing much better , thank you. I have been trying to find him a new home for quite some time now. Unfortunately, his bad habits don’t make him very attractive to new parents. haha.
    I tried to leave a post on your blog, but I do not belong to any of the groups–so I couldn’t figure out how to leave one.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  7. Those grape vines belong to our new mayor… he’d always wanted to make wine, and had just put in vines before the storm.. so as soon as their house was done, he put in his vines! It’s going to be wonderful… can’t wait to take pictures of the grapes! ๐Ÿ™‚ (and sample the wine!)

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