A Tree Grows in Bucklingham

 As an end of the year gift one year, my students gave me a gift certificate from Headrick’s Nursery to purchase a tree. This is the second year the tree has been planted, but part of my Mother’s Day gift was to make a flower/herb ring at the base. We used reclaimed bricks from a building that was torn down in Mullinville and some of my new compost. I transplanted a plant from another location in my yard.

Unfortunately, right after it was planted, Blondie (the Wonder Dog) decided to take a walk and take in the new aromas from my exquisite compost.


We also filled the new vegetable bed with the new compost. I can hardly wait to start planting.



5 thoughts on “A Tree Grows in Bucklingham

  1. I’m so jealous!
    If you ever need help, give me a holler… I have no yard or garden to work in this year, so I’d love to help you! 🙂

    They still haven’t got the community gardens ready… we could have a garden up by now!!

  2. Oh I know! A friend was asking me what I thought about having a community garden like the one in Dodge City. She was telling me that people pay for their “plots” and the city furnishes the water, mulch, and will even till it for them. I think we would be tilling our own here..lol. Tilling is one of the reasons we are using weed barrier and only digging small sections in the yard. Once I get these two beds planted DH said he would dig another for me. I am thinking of placing one on the south side of that picket fence…but then again, there is a huge tree shading the area in the morning. Guess it would get at least a few hours of direct sun though.

  3. I feel silly! I wanted the last thing in my reply comment to be thank you for your offer, but I hit post too quickly. Dummy me.

    Thanks so much! Be careful though, I might just take you up on that…lol.

  4. LOL… not a problem! 🙂

    Once homeschooling is over, Isaiah and I won’t have much to do – especially if they don’t get the community gardens going soon!
    The city is having the ground tilled, and paying for the water… we just pay $10 for the whole summer… can’t beat a deal like that!

  5. This is a good design, for a bin. I had a stoarantiy bin but it was too difficult for me to turn the heavy materials. I agree that large capacity is necessary for quick or hot composting. I love my compostumbler. It’s bigger than the other bins and tumblers out there and it’s really easy to turn even for my Dad who’s 69. He’s made 6 batches of compost in his compostumbler since he bought one 6 months ago!

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