ABC Nightline Path to Freedom TONIGHT 11:35 PM

The Dervaes Family will be on tonight on ABCΒ at 11:35 PM EDT.Β  This story was filmed last week at the Dervaes Institute and Path to Freedom. The Dervaes are role models to many on the build to a more sustainable life. Living on a city lot in Pasasdena, California, they raise most of their own food, as well as enough vegetables/fruits to run a thriving fresh market delivery business on 1/10 of an acre. Their accomplishnments are amazing!

Edit: Well, it was definitely worth the wait! Makes me want to go out and rip up my yard :).

Second Edit: For those that missed it, Path to Freedom states that it will be on youtube soon. See below….

Does this make me a Dervaes Groupie??????

5 thoughts on “ABC Nightline Path to Freedom TONIGHT 11:35 PM

  1. I have been one of their “groupies” for almost 2 years now!! πŸ˜€ We could start the Kansas Branch of the Dervaes Family Fan Club!!

  2. How funny!
    They sure seem to be growing…and becoming a bit more commercial than I expected, but hey, they are developing a following. Why not capitalize on it I suppose?

  3. With all they have going on, they still live on $30,000 a year, and in California that is UNHEARD of to have that little income and still be homeowners, and live comfortably like they do! πŸ™‚

  4. No doubt! In another life, before Kansas, I was able to travel extensively and often made trips to the LA, Long Beach, Glendale, Pasadena areas and even as far south as San Diego/Chula Vista/Tijuana. Visiting that often allow me to experience the cost of living there first hand. So I agree that 30K is not much in the way of income.
    I wonder if that is net income? I also wonder what the gross worth would be if you figure in that they grow most of their food and produce their fuel for only $1 a gallon rather than the $4 that I am certain it is there by now. (I was always amazed at how how the fuel prices were the farther west you traveled.)
    For a family of four and then feeding volunteers and such, do you think that they are saving at least $400 a month in groceries? I have wondered how much driving they do a week In their Suburban, would they use 20 gallons a week making deliveries and traveling. Geez that’s about $80 a week right now…yikes. Of course, you cannot figure it all this way, but with the other efforts that they put forth in the way they shower and the solar power usage that probably adds another 12-17K to their estimated income. Their works efforts pay off in other means rather than just cash.
    These are very smart people. Lessons can be learned. They probably carry little or NO debt and have their hard work pay in ways that do not produce cash income..which in turn makes for less taxes paid as well. That is AWESOME! Now if I could just figure out how to do that here…haha! I think I might have to write an entry about this….

  5. The one thing we’ve got going for us is that our only debt is some medical bills… we’ve never used or owned credit cards…
    We do have people who can’t figure out how we live on no more income than we have… they don’t understand when I try to explain not buying something if you don’t absolutely need it, and never on credit… nor do they understand living within their means… πŸ™‚

    Oh, btw – you’ve been tagged at Prairie Dreams! πŸ™‚

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