Before and After the Storm

It ended not being as bad as we had anticipated, but our yard flooded a bit and we had small hail. Originally the weather report indicated that the hail would miss us, but we knew better than to not protect the plants.


Not the clearest of photos, but you can see some of the small hail.

Looking south from the front of our house.


I thought this would show up better, but you can still see a bit of the hail, rain, and lightning.

This is after the storm had passed and headed toward Greensburg.

5 thoughts on “Before and After the Storm

  1. Hi, I’m bj and a good friend of Anita’s from Prairie Dreams…She asked us to come say Welcome and….here I am…saying so glad to have you in Blogland.

  2. Thanks so much bj! It took me awhile to get up enough nerve to let anyone else take a look at my little place.
    I really enjoyed visiting your blog yesterday and was happy to find that you are in Texas. I grew up in Texas and transplanted here to Kansas about 14 years ago. WOW! Was it that long ago? Makes me feel a bit old…lol.

  3. Most of us here in Greensburg are SO NERVOUS when we get storms now!! FEMA trailers sound like automatic carwashes in storms!
    I like your photos!

  4. Anita…I can only imagine the fear that the people of Greensburg feel whenever storms approach. Though those of us who didn’t ride out the tornado will never know the depth of despair felt by those who did, our lives were changed by that night. Every time a storm nears, I fear for our safety, and think about how those in your town must be feeling. I don’t think a day goes by without me thinking about that entire weekend…and the weeks that followed. While it troubles me on a personal level, I know that my pain will never be as deep as those who actually experienced it.

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