Nothing too fancy, but here it is…..

Originally posted on 1.28.08 

Well, the look is not fancy, but here it is in all its glory…MY FIRST BLOG!
I have always wanted to live on a farm where I could garden and have a few animals and be self sufficient. We own a farm, but because of employment issues we are “stationed” too far away to live there, so I have decided that I can fulfill my dreams by becoming self sustained in my own backyard….thus the title for my blog.

I hope for this to be a place that I can share the joys and inevitable heartaches that will ensue with the on taking of such a grand project. Living in small rural town in the Midwest will bring many challenges from extreme weather to neighbors being curious of the goings on in my small white picket fenced yard.

My daughter and husband have agreed to become a greener family and to attempt a simpler lifestyle. Well, maybe I need to back up here. Dear Daughter has not totally agreed to the simpler life portion of our quest, only because she is uncertain as to how this will affect her last remaining year here at home. Time will tell, as my sweet mother in law always says.

Backyard Beginnings

Welcome! Thanks for visiting! We are in the process of building this new blog and transferring content from our other blog location. Please check back often, as we will be loading photos of ourprogress soon. In the meantime, you can see the small progresses we have made thus far at………