NewsFlash! for Dummies Like Me…

I have added a new category…For Dummies Like Me! Have you ever come across a hint or idea that seemed so simple, yet you had never thought about it? I get that feeling every day, so I have started a new category to throw these new finds or thoughts into.

The first OH GEE! has to do with foil and saran wrap. Maybe I am the only person (I hope not!) who has this problem. I can very carefully pull the foil out to tear it off, only to have the entire roll come out of the box. Do you ever have that happen? I guess some people have, because I just found that the box is designed to fix the roll in place making it more difficult for it to come out. Did YOU know that? Well, I didn’t!

Well, to prove any disbelievers, I am including photos of this ingenious, yet obscure, tool included with your plastic wrap and foil purchases…and if you still don’t believe me….quick…run to your pantry and check out your very own box…haha!


A Tree Grows in Bucklingham

 As an end of the year gift one year, my students gave me a gift certificate from Headrick’s Nursery to purchase a tree. This is the second year the tree has been planted, but part of my Mother’s Day gift was to make a flower/herb ring at the base. We used reclaimed bricks from a building that was torn down in Mullinville and some of my new compost. I transplanted a plant from another location in my yard.

Unfortunately, right after it was planted, Blondie (the Wonder Dog) decided to take a walk and take in the new aromas from my exquisite compost.


We also filled the new vegetable bed with the new compost. I can hardly wait to start planting.



My Hero Saves the Day!

While sitting by that lovely fire, listening to those lovely birds, and sipping on a lovely cup of coffee (made by DH), a light breeze, with only a light chill, sauntered into our little backyard retreat. What a lovely, lovely morning!

The morning suddenly soured with a terrible noise accosting the sereneness of the moment. Briefly, I had forgotten about a Walmart sack that had found its way to the very top of my backyard Black Walnut tree. Too high to reach. It had survived several days  60 mph wind gusts, pouring rain and a slight bit of hail. What was that? It was as if it was in stereo!   !@%&*!  There were two others high in other trees. What the hey! The noise was intolerable…and those of you who live in Kansas KNOW how the wind blows here.

We had found a pole for retrieving those darn bags in an online catalog, but it was over $200…OUCH! Well, as it is said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. DH went into the garage and returned with several suspicious looking items. I wasn’t certain what in the world he was planning, but I have learned to not ask…because his answer is generally…”just wait”.  He re-entered the garage and came out with a contraption made from bended wire, pvc pipe and the beloved duct tape. DH..errr..MY HERO…went to work at retrieving that stupid nuisance of a bag and found that the two new bags that had joined in the chorus were not just bags. There was also a packing foam sheet that had taken flight.  Soon after the last piece of debris was removed from my trees,  the chirpping shenanigans of the plethora of bird species presented the only symphony being played in my backyard….sans any sour notes from the &%#@! plastic bags.

Redneck Plastic Bag Retriever

Before and After the Storm

It ended not being as bad as we had anticipated, but our yard flooded a bit and we had small hail. Originally the weather report indicated that the hail would miss us, but we knew better than to not protect the plants.


Not the clearest of photos, but you can see some of the small hail.

Looking south from the front of our house.


I thought this would show up better, but you can still see a bit of the hail, rain, and lightning.

This is after the storm had passed and headed toward Greensburg.

our little toadies :)

The other day while I was in the backyard, I had the bejeebers scared out of me by my first little toad of the season. I am not afraid of toads, but there was unexpected movement as I was walking down our “half-built” walkway and it not only startled me, but I was afraid I was about to step on it. Of course by now you know that I wanted to share a photo, but the little darling had disappeared by the time I returned with my camera.

Tonight, as the storms were about to arrive, DH and I were out covering my new plantings and the baby came back out…along with three other friends. They have all been hanging out in my rock pile. Who knew that I had inadvertently created a frog/toad habitat by stacking my stones? As soon as this weather clears out, I will have to make them an acceptable abode post haste. I am certain I have some broken pots that can be placed deeply into my herb garden for a cool, shady spot.  

Our Little Toad

Basement Garden Moved to Dining Room

As I mentioned before, we had a business trip and unofficial college visit planned two weeks ago. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the plant lights on in the basement, nor to set them on a timer. Instead, we moved all the plants upstairs near windows. Just thought I would share a couple of more photos.

Houdini Update

Houdini came home on Tuesday. My, oh my! Though he was extremely weak, he acted as though he was happy to be home. He looked terrible!

Today, I decided to share a few photos. I wish I could find a good “prior to the accident” photo of him, but no luck thus far. We asked the Vet to shave Houdini, because he looked as though he had mange. Because his fur was so matted, all he could do is lick himself bald in places. I brushed as much as he would allow, but he looked pathetic.


The upclose photo shows a bit where is jaw has been wired and where his tooth has been removed.