Time Spent in Our "Shelter" Tonight

It is almost midnight and I am exhausted. We spent a good portion of our night either in the closet in the basement or glued to the television watching for the next tornado warning to sound. We sat calmly in the basement until the lights went out and then the sirens sounded. Tornados headed to Greensburg, but according to the news they came and went without damage. I can hardly wait to visit with Anita to see how she is. Listening to the police scanners, it seems that there was damage in Protection. The highway that heads south out of town is closed at the moment. Four cattle trucks were overturned and electric lines are down.  Sure hope it is all cleared out by 6 AM, when we have to go through on our way to OKC.

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Fueling the Economy

Tomorrow we do our part for fueling the economy. As much as it pains me, we have to travel to Oklahoma City to get DD to the airport. She is traveling to Texas to see the other half of her family for a few weeks. We live 2.5 hours from the Wichita airport, but we have to drive to OKC because ~ 1. it is half way between the divorced parents’ homes add ~ 2. Who in the world can afford a ticket out of Wichita to anywhere?

I am very worried that Southwest Airlines will follow suit with other airlines and change their checked baggage policy between today and tomorrow, before we arrive. DD wishes that she could get everything into one carry on baggage, but because she has a basketball tournament while she is with her dad, she has every bit of her athletic gear that has to travel as well. When you wear women’s size 13 shoes, they tend to take up a lot of space in the suitcase….especially athletic shoes.

As I mentioned in a comment on Anita’s Prairie Dreams Blog, I have put off going to the grocery store until this trip. In keeping of the truth here, I mistakenly quoted the trip as being 600 miles, but I do believe it is a little less than 500 miles round trip.  I do not normally do my grocery/supply shopping in another state, but it just keeps me from having to make a 70 mile round to Dodge City when I return.

I, myself,  have not driven one place this past week. Hmmm. is that correct? Well, I guess I should say that I am a bit ashamed that I rode with DD to the Athletic Awards Banquet on Monday night, but we were running somewhat late and had to carry a couple of dishes of food with us. It was only six long blocks, but juggling a hot dish (which, by the way, included mass amounts of barbeque sauce) and a very large heavy bowl of potato salad, while wearing less than casual clothes, combined with walking those long blocks of uneven sidewalks, just did not seem the prudent thing to do. NOW….here’s the real reason I should be ahamed….we had DH drive DD’s car up a bit early to save a great seat to view the highlights video that DD was presenting. So, we drove TWO vehicles to the Banquet. Guess we will have to sit in the dark for all of next week to make up for that one.


My self-fashioned clothesline bit the dust (again) the other day and I have been researching for the best type of line to construct. Unfortunately, I just cannot figure out the best location for permanent poles and line. My file with ideas is growing and I hope to be sharing bits and pieces soon. Today, though, I think I will share this humorous look at hanging laundry. These past couple of days have brought some heartache into our lives and I certainly can use some “light” fun.