I am so absolutely sore. After all the bending, shoveling, pulling and pushing on Sunday, I thought my body would never be the same. I took some ibuprofen before I went to bed and I awoke feeling pretty good, but I went walking tonight with a friend and now I am paying for it. I didn’t think I was going to make it and was thankful that she wanted to quit at a mile and a half. My legs were killing me. The wind was still blowing pretty hard and we felt as though we were power walking when it was against the wind.

In my younger years, yesterday’s efforts would have been nothing. It is hell getting old…haha!

My Hero Saves the Day!

While sitting by that lovely fire, listening to those lovely birds, and sipping on a lovely cup of coffee (made by DH), a light breeze, with only a light chill, sauntered into our little backyard retreat. What a lovely, lovely morning!

The morning suddenly soured with a terrible noise accosting the sereneness of the moment. Briefly, I had forgotten about a Walmart sack that had found its way to the very top of my backyard Black Walnut tree. Too high to reach. It had survived several days  60 mph wind gusts, pouring rain and a slight bit of hail. What was that? It was as if it was in stereo!   !@%&*!  There were two others high in other trees. What the hey! The noise was intolerable…and those of you who live in Kansas KNOW how the wind blows here.

We had found a pole for retrieving those darn bags in an online catalog, but it was over $200…OUCH! Well, as it is said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. DH went into the garage and returned with several suspicious looking items. I wasn’t certain what in the world he was planning, but I have learned to not ask…because his answer is generally…”just wait”.  He re-entered the garage and came out with a contraption made from bended wire, pvc pipe and the beloved duct tape. DH..errr..MY HERO…went to work at retrieving that stupid nuisance of a bag and found that the two new bags that had joined in the chorus were not just bags. There was also a packing foam sheet that had taken flight.  Soon after the last piece of debris was removed from my trees,  the chirpping shenanigans of the plethora of bird species presented the only symphony being played in my backyard….sans any sour notes from the &%#@! plastic bags.

Redneck Plastic Bag Retriever

The Best Mother's Day Ever!

For me, Mother’s Day began and ended in superb fashion. The day began with a cup of coffee in front of the fire in our backyard and ended in the same manner, with the exception of iced tea for coffee. It was lovely. In addition, we could not have asked for better weather.

I almost feel guilty for being so blessed with such a spectacular day!

I have several photos and a video clip to share, but I think I want to break them down in seperate entries, because they each deserve their “own space”.


Eat the View!

On/Day/1!  What an incredible idea! The only way it could be better is if I had thought of it first..haha! In my sidebar you will find a widget for telling the 44th president what you think is important. The suggestion that took me to this fun site is to tell the next president to “eat the lawn”. On/Day/1 is a place to “share your ideas for a better world.”

Weeds, Grass, and Lead Paint

Normally, it is the grass in my “garden” that annoys me the most, but this season the weeds have taken over also. Every year DH suggests placing weed barrier down and planting in little holes, but I have refused. This year is different! Last week, I read an article about soil testing and ammendments that suggested if you live in an older house your soil most likely is contaminated with lead from paint chips falling from your house. YIKES!

If you have read any of my other blog entries about the house, you may already know that even our soil has a chemical odor to it….so this is yet another catostrophe for us. If money were no object living in this very old house would be no problem, but we are poor civil servants on moderate wages. Well, DH is on moderate wages….I am purposefully unemployed as you may also remember. Even if I WAS employed the money still would not be there to do what needs to be done to this house. If money grew on trees, I would have someone come in and remove the top several feet of soil around the house…lol…and replace it with totally organic compost. Since Donald Trump is definitely not interested in my small piece of real estate, nor the Rockefellers knocking on my door, I have to continue my cobbled life.

I decided to cover the ground surrounding my one raised bed with weed barrier. Sadly, I had to dig up the few perrenial herbs that I had established , in hopes to replant somehow, somewhere. I am not certain why I am sad…I never used the herbs in cooking for fear of what was in the soil, but they were lovely…well, that is until the grass and weeds were coming up through the clumps of herbs. It wouldn’t be difficult to radicate if the yuk was coming up around the plants, but grass was coming straight up the middle. Anyhow, because of the fear of what the soil my bring, I have decided to plant my tomatoes in buckets on top of the barrier.

Yesterday was a very windy day (Duh!….it IS Kansas….every day is windy), but we finally finished covering the larger portion of the small area. Placing the barrier down is not a difficult task, but we also had to dig a small trench to allow for proper water drainage. Originally, the plan was to construct a type of dry river bed that would allow proper drainage away from the house when the “monsoons” came. In the past, we have had a problem with water standing near the foundation of our home…not good when you have a basement.

I hope to get some photos posted soon, and I am kicking myself that I didn’t take photos prior to adding the weed barrier.