It's Going to Hail…I just KNOW it!

Wanna’ know how I know it? Because I just planted 20 pepper plants, 2 more tomato plants, 2 eggplants, watermelon, squash, brocolli, dill, asparagus, beans, and morning glories…THAT’S WHY! LOL! It never fails. These are in the ground, so I won’t be able to put them all up on the porch this time if it does decide to hail.

I am not certan where this day went. One moment it was morning and now it is evening…and I have no clue what happened in between. I did run to the greenhouse in Mullinville and bought several vegetable plants. When you buy 20 or more they are only .65. One thing interesting, I was able to drive 58 mph most of the way to and from Mullinville and I got 31-33 mpg. I was pretty happy.

Well, not much exciting to report for the day. I am just sitting here eating a salad that I made from store purchased produce, except for the alfalfa sprouts that I sprouted myself and the 4 spinach leaves I “harvested”. That was a little exciting to me. I think I have decided that I prefer the alfalfa sprouts over some of the other types I have tried these past few weeks.

Not much else going on here, just thinking I am a bit tired and may head for the bed a bit earlier tonight.

Second Attempt at Sprouting a Success!

I am so excited to report that my second attempt at sprouting was very successful! This time, I only sprouted in one level and used Organic Sandwich Booster Sprout Mix from Gardens Alive. We love Gardens Alive because they very often have a $25 coupon available or have fantastic monthly specials. I originally purchased my sprouter when it was a monthly special.  Anyhow, the sprout mix contains clover, alfalfa, radish and canola sprout seeds. This first taste had a bit of a “twang” but I feel that maybe they were not quite finished at that time. Maturity is 3-6 days.

These were wonderful in our salad, but I did add them to a couple of sandwiches as well. I am anxious to hear DH’s report back from his lunch that I made today. I spread a light amount of the sprouts in his turkey sandwich and chicken salad sandwich. I am always looking for ways to slip in  more veggies to our meals.

There was a pretty decent “harvest” from the small amount of seeds that I sprouted this time. I just need to research how to store them, but for now I have them in a sealed ziploc with a damp piece of paper towel.

I already have some more alfalfa sprout seeds soaking for the start of a new batch tomorrow.

Sandwich Booster Sprouts

I wish I had a steadier hand for the  photos!!!!

Just before I placed inside the plastic bag and into the fridge…….
Sandwich Booster Sprouts, Seed Sprouts, Sprouts

Sprouting Test Inconclusive

Bummer! Sometimes I just cannot win for losing. Dumb me, I started my seed sprouting, but failed to realize that I did not have enough time to complete the project before I had to leave town for several days. We ended up cleaning the sprouter out before we left, for fear of what we would find when we returned. I hope to start the process again this week. One thing that I believe I will change is the amount of seeds I placed in the sprouter. DH felt that I had over-crowded the contents….so I will follow his lead.

Bean Sprouting from New Zealand

This lovely couple from New Zealand shows another method of seed sprouting in a jar. I seem to remember a homemade version of  their sprouter when I was conducting my original research. I might have to invest in a jar sprouter towards the end of summer because I intend to have fresh sprouts available throughout the fall and winter months. This process seems simple enough! What do you think?

Seed Sprouter Day 1

Today is the first day of my seed sprouter. Yesterday’s post about seed sprouting dropped down on the page because I am still moving prior posts from our other blog over to here. I soaked the seeds overnight and then this morning drained them and place each type of seed in the two seperate trays. The directions called for each rack of seeds to be rinsed under running water. After all of the rinsing and attempts to get the seeds spread out evenly, I placed the sprouter ontop of my refrigerator.

 Here are a few photos of day 1
sprouter day 1Photobucket

Basement Garden

this was originally posted on 2/3/08 on our first blog attempt 

Is it too early to start seeds? I feel like a kid waiting to go to DisneyWorld.  Are we there yet?

Today, I started preparing my basement garden area for my seed starts.  I covered my table with oil cloth for easy cleanup and then placed my shoplight fixture above. Being in the basement presents a problem for light, so I am consering purchasing some mylar to make best use of the light I have available.

Tomorrow I hope to purchase a seed sprouter online. I have been looking around for a few weeks and I have decided on a sprouter from Gardens Alive. I was excited to receive an email stating that it is the product of the month and 25% off, along with sprouting seeds. Boy, am I glad that I waited.

Every year Gardens Alive  offers $25 off of a $50 purchase (use key code 145695), but unfortunately you cannot use it in conjunction with the 25% off. I am not affiliated with Gardens Alive, but wanted to share a good deal with others. You can sign up for a newsletter with other sales specials and product of the month info.

I am looking forward to some fresh “green” while I wait patiently for spring planting.

Seed Sprouting

As I have mentioned before, I usually do not spend my mornings watching television because it generally sets a tone of laziness for the day, but I watched a bit of Martha this morning. I was excited to see her segment about seed sprouting. My seed sprouter finally came in, but the sprouting seeds were on back-order so it has been sitting in its box tucked away on the back part of the kitchen counter. After finding some alfalfa and nine grain sprouting seed mix, I decided to give it a try. Martha made it sound as if you just placed the seeds in the sprouter and poured water over it every day. Well, either I wasn’t watching close enough, or she left out the part about having to soak the seeds overnight. Boy,was I disappointed to realize that the seeds had to be soaked before placing in the sprouter.

For now I just have a photo of my sprouter, but I hope to show the progress over the next few days.

Seed Sprouter

You can find the sprouter available for purchase in my store located through the link at the top of this page.