Basement Garden Moved to Dining Room

As I mentioned before, we had a business trip and unofficial college visit planned two weeks ago. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the plant lights on in the basement, nor to set them on a timer. Instead, we moved all the plants upstairs near windows. Just thought I would share a couple of more photos.

First Planting Day

I am so very excited that I finally planted something yesterday. We had a beautiful, sunny day with temps in the 70s.  A few days ago, I purchased a  six pack of marigolds, jalapenos and a “striped” tomato plant. My seedlings were so small yet and I wanted some “show” in my new garden, so I thought this small purchase would be acceptable. My jalapeno seeds did not grow and I just could not do without the little peppers in my garden.

Because our yard is in such a state of total disaster, some of my garden will be grown in containers, as well. I planted three peppers in the raised bed, but then planted the other three in individual baskets saved from last year’s frozen mums. We normally would plant several pots with geraniums to be displayed on our wrap around porches, but this year we opted for green and white caladium corms that were on clearance.  We easily spend $100 filling our many pots with colorful choices, but with our search for simplicity and sustainability, we are finding alternative methods of adorning our porches.  I hope to plant squash and zuchinni, along with those caladiums,  in each of those pots.

A few years ago, I found new empty hanging baskets at a liquidation sale. At the time, I am not certain what I was thinking or how I intended to fill each of those baskets, but now I suspect that I will wish that I had purchased more. I planted two hanging pots with green beans in hopes that they would not only crawl up the hand made hangers, but cascade over the edges of the baskets. As many things in my life right now, this will be an experiment.

I did not have time to take photos yesterday and today it was cloudy and rainy, but hopefully tomorrow (in the promise of an 80 degree day) I will get a few snapshots to share.  Speaking of today’s rain, yesterday I told the fam that we would be getting hail soon because I had planted my tomato plants. Well guess what—-we did get a bit of hail today. Not much, but enough that I rushed outside to cover everything.

Getting Ready for Seed Starting

Originally posted on 1/19/08 at our first blog

We woke up to a howling wind with snow pellets blowing in the air this morning. I call them pellets because that is what they felt like when they were hitting me. Dear Husband said he felt like he was in a snow globe with the Styrofoam balls swirling all around. It is a great morning for curling up with a great read.  Fortunately for me, I picked up the most recent copy of Mother Earth News when I was in town yesterday, so that will keep me happy for a bit.

Normally, I purchase plants from my friend’s greenhouse business every year, but they are not organic and I don’t think it is in the budget to purchase as many plants as I will need this year.  I spent the money I would normally spend on plants on a much larger variety and will be able to have many more plants for a fraction of what they would cost already planted for me.  Now, if I can just make sure they actually survive!

I don’t really have a south facing space for a good light sourse, so I purchased a large shop light along with some plant/aquarium fluorescent lights.  Now I must figure out what I will use for a heat source while waiting for my little darlings to sprout.  I once had a heating mat, but it would only benefit one flat…and there is absolutely no telling where I have stored it away.  A friend suggested placing the little greenhouses on top of my refrigerators until they sprouted. We keep the house so cold, I am not certain that will work either, but I am on a quest…and I will conquer this dilemma.