Contest at Two Barking Dogs

Just passing along a contest at the cool blog Two Barking Dogs!

I found her blog while I was searching ideas for garden totems. I absolutely loved her whimsical tea pot totem…check it out–here.

I was so inspired that I spent the entire day searching thrift shops and flea markets. OH…the lovelies I found!

Further search on the internet, landed me on a webshots page belonging to an extremely talented couple who are definitely in the know when it comes to concret. Take a look at their webshots profile here for additional slide shows of leaf print bricks and unusual conrete artwork.

More Garden Totems

5 thoughts on “Contest at Two Barking Dogs

  1. Thanks for the kind words and the link! Still a few more hours left for anyone that wants to enter the contest, too. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hey! My internet connection actually connected… it could only last a few minutes, though, so this was my first stop!

    LOVE these pictures… and the teapot totem is just adorable…
    I will definitely check out “Two barking dogs” when my internet isn’t so temperamental!

    LOVED seeing you all at the farmer’s market… Hope we get to hang out sometime! (Hope our FM gets bigger ever week, too, which it should once gardens start producing more!)

  3. BTW – How do you think the teapots would hold up to our baseball sized hail? We had golfball sized again today… luckily, it was coming from the north and our potted tomatoes and peppers are on the south porch!

  4. So good to see you around Anita. I felt as though something was missing last night while I was surfin’ around…and then I realized it as YOU!
    I am thinking that the concrete totems in the video might be better suited to our wonderful Kansas weather!
    We are going to work in the yard this afternoon, but I will be poppin’ in and out when a short rest is needed. lol

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