Equal Time!

Since I posted photos of Buttercup, I figured I should give Houdini some equal time. His fur is beginning to grow back in and you can tell (maybe not in these photos) the different colors of his coat…the silver, brownish, and black. The brownish part of his coat reminds me of  a Burmese that we had when I was very young. When he has his full persian coat, the silver does not show up well.

Please ignore the weeds in my photo…seems Houdini was glad to finally be able to “hang” outside after those several days of severe weather we were having. He appeared to be so flat to the ground and so still that I was concerned that he was dead…yikes! I am still paying on the vet bill from his accident surgery. As you can tell by the second photo, he is alive…but only appears lifeless in another spot on the sidewalk. 🙂


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