Getting Ready for Seed Starting

Originally posted on 1/19/08 at our first blog

We woke up to a howling wind with snow pellets blowing in the air this morning. I call them pellets because that is what they felt like when they were hitting me. Dear Husband said he felt like he was in a snow globe with the Styrofoam balls swirling all around. It is a great morning for curling up with a great read.  Fortunately for me, I picked up the most recent copy of Mother Earth News when I was in town yesterday, so that will keep me happy for a bit.

Normally, I purchase plants from my friend’s greenhouse business every year, but they are not organic and I don’t think it is in the budget to purchase as many plants as I will need this year.  I spent the money I would normally spend on plants on a much larger variety and will be able to have many more plants for a fraction of what they would cost already planted for me.  Now, if I can just make sure they actually survive!

I don’t really have a south facing space for a good light sourse, so I purchased a large shop light along with some plant/aquarium fluorescent lights.  Now I must figure out what I will use for a heat source while waiting for my little darlings to sprout.  I once had a heating mat, but it would only benefit one flat…and there is absolutely no telling where I have stored it away.  A friend suggested placing the little greenhouses on top of my refrigerators until they sprouted. We keep the house so cold, I am not certain that will work either, but I am on a quest…and I will conquer this dilemma.

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