International Kitchen Garden Day 2008

Before today, I had no idea that this event existed. I know that August 24 is a few months in coming, but I thought I would post this interesting video about the need for turning our lawns into vegetable gardens. The gentleman in the video discusses the many reasons why everyone should dedicate at least some portion of their lawn to a productive garden, but his mention of $3 gasoline dates it slightly. Oh wait…$3 wasn’t that long ago….the fear of $4 gas is becoming more and more real.

2 thoughts on “International Kitchen Garden Day 2008

  1. This is a great idea… You know, we plan on turning our entire backyard at the new house into gardens… eventually including fruit trees, too!
    Our front yard will hold my herb garden, and possibly some edible flowers, and instead of grass we’re considering planting the small area of the front yard not used for herbs in clover, which doesn’t grow as fast as grass, needing less mowing, and doesn’t take as much watering, using less water!

  2. The “less mowing” portion of our endeavors has DH onboard with this project, however it is moving very slowly. The rains and crazy temperature range have not helped matters much either.

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