Introducing Buttercup!

Yes, we have yet another mouth to feed. Well, several new mouths if you count the batch of about 15 new baby guppies also.

This is Buttercup…and an adorable little darling that found me one day while I was out hanging laundry. DD was out of town at the moment, so I thought I could just feed it and find the rightful owner. No one that we talked to knew who it belonged to and before I knew it…I had become a surrogate kitty mom. She followed me around and would climb up into my lap then up my shirt until she could nestle under my chin.

We didn’t tell DD about the new kittten and waited for her to be greeted by the dumpling when she arrived home from Pittsburg State Basketball Camp. She was pleasantly surprised as were we when DD actually started taking over the feeding and care of the newly named “Buttercup”.


Buttercup caught a cold and had an eye infection which ended up costing me $35 and a $10 trip to town…so I suppose now that she is officially OURS.

6 thoughts on “Introducing Buttercup!

  1. How sweet is she! Is she named after the main character in Princess Bride? I love that movie. And Houdini is a cutie, too. I thought you’d shaved him on purpose for summer – he seems to be enjoying it.

  2. Thanks Anita!

    Lewru…well I would have shaved him for summer, but I could not get him in to the groomer. Not many around here take cats and my clippers were acting up. He was so matted, that I was having to cut chunks off of him. When he had his surgery from getting hit by a car (or at least that is what we think happened), I asked the vet to sheer off what he could.

    Blondie is in dire need of a buzz cut also!

  3. What a Cutie!!!! I love Siamese and kittens as well, combined they are perfect! I would have kept her as well. I have 2 cuties of my own, rescued from a ferrell cat rescue.

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