It's Going to Hail…I just KNOW it!

Wanna’ know how I know it? Because I just planted 20 pepper plants, 2 more tomato plants, 2 eggplants, watermelon, squash, brocolli, dill, asparagus, beans, and morning glories…THAT’S WHY! LOL! It never fails. These are in the ground, so I won’t be able to put them all up on the porch this time if it does decide to hail.

I am not certan where this day went. One moment it was morning and now it is evening…and I have no clue what happened in between. I did run to the greenhouse in Mullinville and bought several vegetable plants. When you buy 20 or more they are only .65. One thing interesting, I was able to drive 58 mph most of the way to and from Mullinville and I got 31-33 mpg. I was pretty happy.

Well, not much exciting to report for the day. I am just sitting here eating a salad that I made from store purchased produce, except for the alfalfa sprouts that I sprouted myself and the 4 spinach leaves I “harvested”. That was a little exciting to me. I think I have decided that I prefer the alfalfa sprouts over some of the other types I have tried these past few weeks.

Not much else going on here, just thinking I am a bit tired and may head for the bed a bit earlier tonight.

2 thoughts on “It's Going to Hail…I just KNOW it!

  1. Mmm… where did you get your alfalfa to sprout?

    I envy you your garden and yard… can’t wait until next year! We’re hoping they get the community gardens ready – they should have been letting us plant a month ago! 🙁

  2. I have a sprouter. Take a look at my category for seed sprouting and you will see a few photos that I have posted.

    In one of her posts, Anais wrote about sprouts for her bread. Someday soon I hope to find that recipe.

    BTW… You are only seeing the half-way decent photos of the yard. It is a mess! In addition, I may have disaster on my hands. I planted directly into the compost because the guy told me it was horticulture grade. I was just on the phone with a man who said it will burn my plants up…SO…I have to get out there and work some dirt in around those vegetables I planted yesterday.
    I know, I know…that is a little backward…you work the compost into the dirt, not the other way around…haha! Off to work I go!

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