My self-fashioned clothesline bit the dust (again) the other day and I have been researching for the best type of line to construct. Unfortunately, I just cannot figure out the best location for permanent poles and line. My file with ideas is growing and I hope to be sharing bits and pieces soon. Today, though, I think I will share this humorous look at hanging laundry. These past couple of days have brought some heartache into our lives and I certainly can use some “light” fun.


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    prairierose5811 [at] yahoo [dot] com



  2. I SOOOO miss my solar clothes dryer!!!

    THe tornado riped out the lines, and one pole is half way to the ground, but I don’t think it’s bent… I think we’ll be able to set it back up and reline it when our new house is done…
    No clotheslines allowed here in FEMAville, but I was thinking that one of those rolling clothesracks could be put on the porch and wet clothes on hangers could be hung out on it… I have no idea where to get one of those though… lol

  3. It sure seems like there are many, many rules in FEMAville….some that do not make sense. I am assuming that some of the people living there still might be struggling financially. Does someone else pay the electricity there? Even so , I would think that they would be looking for alternative measures to save money, if not the environment.
    Most likely it is all about aestheitics and uniformity.
    Right now, I am using two pvc pipes standing on on rebar forms, with cotton line between…double decker style…lol. I suppose it is a step up from what I had before, which was jute tied to a nail and looped on the edge of the trampoline (that we do not use). I think I want one similiar to the one in the video.

  4. Rent is free, but electricity is AMAZINGLY expensive… THe average family out here was paying $300-$400 a month for it during the winter, some as high as $600 a month! Of course there is no gas, it’s all electric, but still..

    The first thing I did when we moved in was replace all the light bulbs, and I’m like EXTREMELY strict about the thermostat staying on 60 24/7 during the winter, and unplugging things not in use… ours never got over $220, and usually was less than that… people out here were astounded…

    When living here you also get “inspected” once every 30 days – someone comes out and looks through your whole trailer to make sure you’re not making meth or something… and they are really working on you all the time to move out… plus maintenance comes by unannounced at least once a month to do maintenance inspection… and change the furnace filter once a month… it’s no wonder it never seems like “home” here, or “safe” or “private”… *sigh* I can’t want for our house to be done!!

  5. Anita, I just cannot image having to live that way. I am so very sorry.
    Sounds like you should be giving lessons there on how to save on your electric bill. 🙂

  6. Hi Lisa, Thanks for stopping in. I have wanted to comment on your blog a couple of times, but I do not have a google account. I love your blog!

    With my home-fashioned clothesline, I just get the laundry up any way I can. I have clothes on the line right now and thought about taking a photo to share, but then I thought I couldn’t stand the embarrassment…lol. I would like to find a clothesline like the one in the video that cranks and turns.

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