Let the Sunshine IN!

Le-e-e-et the su-unshine…let the sun-shine in….the su-unshine i-in….le-e-et…the sun-shine…. le-et the sunshine….
Are you at least humming the tune now?
Yes, we have finally have some sunshine!

I am so very excited to report that the solar dryer is back in business, at least for today. There is still a slight bit of dampness in the air, but the winds and sunshine will more than overcome that one small obstacle.

Harmony and understanding…. that we must all become better stewards of our earth.

Did you know that electric clothes dryers account for approximately 5-10% of all residential electricity useage in the United States?ย  According to Project Laundry List, hanging laundry could save the average household more than $100 on a household electric bill, and that clothes dryer fires account for about 15K structure fires a year. That is pretty impressive, but if the money aspect doesn’t move you to action, maybe the facts that your clothes last longer, or that sunlight is one of the best bleaches/disinfectant, your clothes smell like a summer vacation, orย  the big kahuna of them all….it CONSERVES ENERGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT will cause you to ponder for a moment the possibilities of our own solar dryer.
My very own makeshift clothesline has gone through two (very ugly) design tests, neither which will be permanent, but I DO have a line…errr….solar dryer. This may sound bizarre to some, but my day got instantly better in the realization that I would be ablet to hang clothes today.

While perusing Project Laundry List, I discovered that there are no longer any wooden clothespin manufacturers in America. The Penley Corp. clothespin plant closed in December of 2002 and now imports clothespins and other goods for resale. I found that to be a bit depressing.

I am going to leave you now with The 5th Dimension and Aquarius and Let the Sunshine In….


4 thoughts on “Let the Sunshine IN!

  1. I’m an Aquarius… love the song! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can’t believe that about clothes pins!! I’m really surprised… I envy you your clothesline, I can’t wait to get out of FEMAville so I can use mine too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    (My favorite sunshine song is “Good day, Sunshine!” by the Beetles – in fact, I had planned on painting that phrase on my kitchen wall before the tornado – just might do that in the new house!)

  2. I think having something written on the wall in your kitchen would be very nice.
    I have purchased several inspiration items to place on my kitchen walls after it is painted, but who knows when they might happen. I cannot reach the ceiling(even with a ladder) on some parts of the kitchen. I need to find someone who #! wouldn’t charge an arm and a leg, #2 is agile… and #3 is daredevil enough to deal with the height…. to paint if for me.

  3. We always had a clothes line when I was growing up (I am an old lady so that was a long time ago). Some of my fondest memories about a clothes line…running to gather the clothes in before it rained and getting caught more times than not in the lovely rain….smelling the freshness of the sheets at night when climbing into bed just after the sheets had been changed….the roughness of the towels….seeing the clothes pins on the line or in the clothes line bag….having a bird build the nest in the hollow of the pipe, holding the lines….and of course, I ALWAYS think of my mother when I think of clothes lines !!
    Thanks for the memories!

  4. What a lovely comment bj! While my mother did not really use the clothesline much, I was taken in by your memories and was right there with you. I agree there is nothing better than the wonderful aroma of fresh line dried sheets as you slip off into slumberland.

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