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These past few days (or has it been weeks?) I have been missing in action here at TSB, partly because of travel, but mostly because I am feeling a bit overwhelmed in several areas of my life at the moment. In order to forge forward through this mental fog touched with a bit of laziness, I thought I would post a couple of update photos (maybe that will put me in a more positive frame of mind…haha!).

My morning glories are beginning to show some movement, which is a good thing since it seems that I am not going to be able to train my roses to grow over my arbor.


The walkway in the backyard is beginning to take shape. Moving the rock from the old “patio” area under the tree has proved to be difficult and back-breaking. I think we have enough materials on hand to take the walkway to the alley behind the house. I am very disappointed that I do not have my concrete patio poured yet. This darn weather is making many projects drag out….and I just know that as soon as these storms stop, the temperatures will rise quicklly making the work even more difficult!


Currently, my tomatoes are back on the side porch with the last threat of golf ball sized hail. Fortunately, we did not get any…but you know that the reason we didn’t is because I DID move those tomatoes. If I had left them in place, the hail would have surely shown its face…haha!


My beans are beginnging to show some signs of growth, as is my basil…so maybe things will start happening around here. I really need to find some kind of mulch before the heat waves begin. I don’t want to put down grass clippings because we have so many weeds in our yard….and DH doesn’t know where the grass catcher is anyhow. We have had neighbors volunteer their clippings, but all of them use chemicals on their lawns…so that is not an option. I might have to just bite the bullet and purchase some straw.

8 thoughts on “Missing in Action

  1. Thanks for the pictures! I tried to grow morning glories, but to no avail. I can’t wait to see how your tomato buckets grow. I have no place to rotate my tomatoes next year so I may have to try it.

  2. I love morning glories! I had some when we lived in Pratt that just about took over our whole front porch.. I really should have planted some on the FEMA trailer front porch this year… I love your path, too… that’s really pretty – great job! Your tomatoes are looking good… ours aren’t that big, and half of their leaves have been beat off by all the hail we’ve had in the last few weeks… 🙁

  3. I love your blog, just quirky enough to be lovely and endearing and definitely a place I want to come back and visit. Your patio, garden is looking fantastic and I anxiously await seeing the next photos. I must admit that you have far more ingenuity than I do with your solar cooking attempts – OMG!!!!!
    Keep blogging so I can keep reading.

  4. Thanks so much Mamaflo. I am glad that you stopped in for a bit. My commercial solar oven will not be here until July and I can hardly wait. We have had such bizzare weather lately that I have not even attempted to cook in my homemade cookers.
    Thanks again!

  5. Adie, Thanks, I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. When it’s busy, there’s not time to write…when there is time to write…hmmmmm.
    Lewru! Good to see you! Thanks. I am still not totally set with this layout, but since I am totally CSS stupid I may have to stick with it for awhile. I stopped by your place for a moment, but didn’t have the time to read. I’ve been wondering about your solar attempts and glad to see that you posted. Maybe we need to get Frau to hold a solar class!
    Mrs.M, Thanks so much for dropping in here. I enjoy reading your blogs and will be checking there often. Your house is a bit older than mine, but I can sure empathize with the angst of older home ownership. 🙂

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