My Solar Oven

Cooking in a solar oven would make me so happy for several reasons. Not only would it be better for the environment, but it would keep my kitchen cooler during those hot months.

The Dervaes Family has come to the rescue yet again with a wonderful idea to make a solar cooker from a pizza box.

6 thoughts on “My Solar Oven

  1. I really like your “daily green”… we take dirt roads when we go to Pratt, for one thing it gives me better photo opportunities, and another thing, we can drive slower and enjoy our ride – we’re never in a hurry! 🙂
    We don’t have back roads ways to get to dodge, though… we do sometimes take that back road from Ford that goes west, but driving slow on that sometimes gets us almost run over! 🙂

  2. I know what you mean Anita. I would love to take a tour of Path to Freedom. I have often been curious why the mom is never mentioned…or the other kids.

    Backroads are the best! …well, except the Ensign Rd that I think you are talking about. The speed limit is 50 or 55..and it just seems to take forever. Like you said, you could get run over and I have been stopped there because I have forgotten the speed limit. Ooooops!

  3. LOL… I’m 41 and have never been stopped for speeding… knock on wood… but I am getting more and more like my grandparents in many ways, and one of those ways is that I like to drive slower! I ALWAYS take my camera EVERYWHERE and I often see things by driving slowly that make great pictures, and I wouldn’t see them if we were going faster! 🙂

  4. Next summer we have a big project planned for the back yard… I have a book that gives step by step instructions on how to build an Adobe Oven!! See picture HERE

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