One Cup of Water for the Washing Machine?

Spin Dry: The Washing Machine that Needs Just One Cup of Water

A washing machine that uses only a cup of water to carry out a full wash, leaving clothes virtually dry, has been developed by British inventors.

Researchers say the technology, which uses less than 2 per cent of the water and energy of a conventional machine, could save billions of litres of water each year.

The machine, which has been created by academics at Leeds University, works by using thousands of plastic chips  –  each about half a centimetre in size  –  to absorb and remove dirt.

Remainder of story here

The story says the chips should last up to 6 months with up to 100 uses…does that sound right to you? Do you wash only 4 loads of clothes of clothes a week? What happens to the chips once they need to be replaced?

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