Path to Freedom on ABC Nightline This Week

Heads UP!!!

I just read my e-newsletter Tracks from Path to Freedom and it says that Nightline will air their program this week on Thursday or Friday pending breaking news.

There is a post about it in their online journal. Another interesting find in today’s post is the NPR Radio Day in the Work Life:Urban Farmer Podcast from last year.  You can listen here.

5 thoughts on “Path to Freedom on ABC Nightline This Week

  1. I would love one also, but it is just not in the budget. I am in the process of trying to post their video about making your own (if I can ever find it) because I think that will be my only chance at a solar oven this year.
    Their earthen oven is something I would dearly love to have!!! Yummmm…warm homemade pizza right out of the oven and onto the deck (that I don’t have yet..haha!).

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