Please Pardon Our Dust

Isn’t that what the store signs say when they are remodeling? The theme template that I have been borrowing for my blog  just hasn’t seemed to fit the mood or idea behind what I hope for my blog to become.  For some time now, I have been trying on different looks and taking them for a spin. Usually, I try to do that late at night in hopes that no one will notice. On occasion, I have totally fouled things up..imagine that!

I am not CSS savy, and just barely able to say I know some HTML, so this process is tedious and has me relying on theme templates that someone else has designed. (Just a heads up here, if you EVER see a wordpress theme that would fit the “mood” of  my site, please ,oh PLEASE,  contact me!) For now I am trying out a brand new theme that was only uploaded yesterday. Unfortunately, like so many other themes that I have loved, the theme is not widget-aware for the sidebar. The original sidebar was adorable, but it would not allow me to add anything… not even an admin login. Well, I think I have the sidebar challenge conquered as far as functionality goes, but I lost the cute little icons. Being frugal (sometimes that means B-R-O-K-E), I am not to the point of paying someone else to figure it out for me…..

so…I ask again…PLEASE Pardon Our Dust…until I figure this out…or am covered in dust…whichever comes first.

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