Small Farms More Profitable

A snippet from an Editorial/Opinion in The New York Times~~~

Change We Can Stomach

“…small farms are the most productive on earth. A four-acre farm in the United States nets, on average, $1,400 per acre; a 1,364-acre farm nets $39 an acre. Big farms have long compensated for the disequilibrium with sheer quantity. But their economies of scale come from mass distribution, and with diesel fuel costing more than $4 per gallon in many locations, it’s no longer efficient to transport food 1,500 miles from where it’s grown. “

2 thoughts on “Small Farms More Profitable

  1. We were discussing in our first meeting about organic growing and farmer’s markets that this is an ideal time to start our farmer’s market, when fuel prices are driving food prices up in the stores, our local produce will be that much more attractive to local buyers!

  2. It would be nice if we could have something like that here too, as well as a community garden, but I haven’t found many who are really interested. I will be visiting the farmer’s market there when it gets up and running.

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