International Kitchen Garden Day 2008

Before today, I had no idea that this event existed. I know that August 24 is a few months in coming, but I thought I would post this interesting video about the need for turning our lawns into vegetable gardens. The gentleman in the video discusses the many reasons why everyone should dedicate at least some portion of their lawn to a productive garden, but his mention of $3 gasoline dates it slightly. Oh wait…$3 wasn’t that long ago….the fear of $4 gas is becoming more and more real.

This Little Piggy Went to Market

I am so excited! We go to choose our butchering pig tonight. We are purchasing it from a local farmer, who will take it to the butcher for us. While his farm is not organically certified, he does not use chemicals on his produce or animals. In the past we have purchased beef from local farmers, but this will be our first ham.

We have discussed participating in the 100 mile diet, and are trying to move a bit into that direction, but realize that it would be so difficult to give up some of the fruits and vegetables that we so love. All citrus would be sorely missed, as would avacodo and grapes. I suppose we could grow some grapes here, but our cold winters keep us from growing many items.