ABC Nightline Path to Freedom TONIGHT 11:35 PM

The Dervaes Family will be on tonight on ABC at 11:35 PM EDT.  This story was filmed last week at the Dervaes Institute and Path to Freedom. The Dervaes are role models to many on the build to a more sustainable life. Living on a city lot in Pasasdena, California, they raise most of their own food, as well as enough vegetables/fruits to run a thriving fresh market delivery business on 1/10 of an acre. Their accomplishnments are amazing!

Edit: Well, it was definitely worth the wait! Makes me want to go out and rip up my yard :).

Second Edit: For those that missed it, Path to Freedom states that it will be on youtube soon. See below….

Does this make me a Dervaes Groupie??????

Path to Freedom on ABC Nightline This Week

Heads UP!!!

I just read my e-newsletter Tracks from Path to Freedom and it says that Nightline will air their program this week on Thursday or Friday pending breaking news.

There is a post about it in their online journal. Another interesting find in today’s post is the NPR Radio Day in the Work Life:Urban Farmer Podcast from last year.  You can listen here.