Recycle Day!

I am so excited that we remembered Recycle Day in town this month. Usually we are out of town or don’t remember until 30 minutes before the trailer closes. Our recycle trailer comes to town on the first Saturday of the month for two hours and is run by volunteers. We filled the back of my small hatchback and even used a bit of the backseat to get everything to the trailer. 

This more like three of four months of recycling in one trip. I didn’t want you to think we create that much in one month…haha!


I Can See Green!!!


We’ve got green! I am thinking that these are a bit early, but I am nevertheless very excited about seeing something green coming out of the dirt.
This is very poor planning on my part because on Saturday, we will be gone for 3-4 days. I am reluctant to leave lights on in the basement while we are away. I might have to find a window ledge to place these on, until our return. It won’t be enough light, but it will be better than total darkness.

Dumpster Diving

October 7,2007
Along about the same time I started my worm bin with the first set of worms, I also set up some recycle containers. We have several Rubbermaid storage containers around the house, so I just moved some things around and voila! I had my recycling center. We have one tote for newspapers, and another for a combination of plastic and glass. When we start filling the glass and plastic box, I will splurge for another container. Well today was our first trip to the recycling trailer which comes the first Saturday of month. Dear Daughter was working the trailer this morning as part of a project sponsored by the Serendipity Club to which she belongs. We didn’t have much, especially since I did not take my newspaper, but it felt good to take what we had. Dear Husband and I discussed briefly that with as little as we were taking, we should just walk, but “chickened out”. On the way, we decided that we would walk the next time and pick up recyclables littering the street along the way.

Today was also city wide clean-up day, so the large recycle trailers were set up next to the regular trailer. What did I spy, but an old screen door lying right on top of the trailer. Darn Husband was not happy that I wanted to bring yet another piece of junk home. Dear Daughter (can’t call her Darned Daughter) complained slightly, saying that it would just lie around the yard. At one point, I said to forget about it and for us to go home. DH was afraid that DD’s friends would make fun at school about her family “dumpster-diving”. Being more agile than the rest of us, it ended up that DD  was actually the one who was able to retrieve the screen door from the trailer. It is now home waiting for a new life. I thought about using it as a yard decoration, but it could also serve as a trellis. I don’t have a vision for it yet, but it will come.SADD members volunteer at the Recycle Trailer. Crushing Cans

 My find….

The Infamous Screen Door