Basement Garden Moved to Dining Room

As I mentioned before, we had a business trip and unofficial college visit planned two weeks ago. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the plant lights on in the basement, nor to set them on a timer. Instead, we moved all the plants upstairs near windows. Just thought I would share a couple of more photos.

I Can See Green!!!


We’ve got green! I am thinking that these are a bit early, but I am nevertheless very excited about seeing something green coming out of the dirt.
This is very poor planning on my part because on Saturday, we will be gone for 3-4 days. I am reluctant to leave lights on in the basement while we are away. I might have to find a window ledge to place these on, until our return. It won’t be enough light, but it will be better than total darkness.

Basement Garden


It’s here! It here!  Our last frost date is usually between the second and third weeks of April,  so (doin’ a happy dance) it’s time to start my seeds.
The first thing that I realized is that I did not have near enough recycled containers, nor enough seed starter. Normally, when I realized my poor planning, I would have just gone out and purchased new flats to use for my seedlings, but DH came to the rescue. From the depths of a deep, dark, storage building, he came in with his arms filled with brand new flats (with lids no less) and un-opened bags of soil and starter. Golly, he even found a couple of growlights that were still in storage from our last move.  I still need more starter medium, but I will wait for my next planned trip to town. With fuel at $3.19 a gallon, trips to town must be strategically planned and used to the fullest. A round trip is approximately $12.00 now. Makes shopping online and through catalogs a bit more attractive these days.
So far, my basement garden includes:

  • Cherokee Purple Tomato
  • Plum Lemon Tomato
  • Big Jim Capsicum Peppers
  • Sweet Chocolate Bell Peppers
  • Early Yellow Crookneck Squash
  • Cocozelle Squash
  • Morning Glories- Pearly Gates, Flying Saucers Purple/White, Scarlett O’Hara
  • Thai Basil
  • Lemon Basil
  • Rosie O’Day Alyssum
  • Candy Cane Mix Azalea
  • Cracker Jack Marigolds

I have so many more packets of seeds, that I most likely will not have room for all of them.  I went a little crazy with the catalogs this year.  The photo is not the best, but it gives you a little peek at the start of my basement garden.

Basement Garden