Kansas City Video

Lately, I have been a bit afraid to travel. It seems that we cannot go anywhere without having to dodge storms…some that include tornadoes. Sunday, we traveled to Kansas City and then returned in the same day. I saw some of the most unique clouds I have ever seen while on this trip.  This video shows a storm in the Greensburg area.

You can view some sky photos at my new photo blog Kansas Weather.

Time Spent in Our "Shelter" Tonight

It is almost midnight and I am exhausted. We spent a good portion of our night either in the closet in the basement or glued to the television watching for the next tornado warning to sound. We sat calmly in the basement until the lights went out and then the sirens sounded. Tornados headed to Greensburg, but according to the news they came and went without damage. I can hardly wait to visit with Anita to see how she is. Listening to the police scanners, it seems that there was damage in Protection. The highway that heads south out of town is closed at the moment. Four cattle trucks were overturned and electric lines are down.  Sure hope it is all cleared out by 6 AM, when we have to go through on our way to OKC.

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Before and After the Storm

It ended not being as bad as we had anticipated, but our yard flooded a bit and we had small hail. Originally the weather report indicated that the hail would miss us, but we knew better than to not protect the plants.


Not the clearest of photos, but you can see some of the small hail.

Looking south from the front of our house.


I thought this would show up better, but you can still see a bit of the hail, rain, and lightning.

This is after the storm had passed and headed toward Greensburg.