Houdini the Cat

Our poor cat….. 

Things have been topsy turvey around here lately. After returning from our 5 days out of town, we found that our cat “Houdini” was not well. Actually, when we first returned, he was nowhere to be found, but at 3:00 AM, we decided that he was most likely just tucked away in slumber somewhere. The next day proved no better in locating the darling little Houdini, a black/silver persian with a terrific underbite. He has disappeared before, but never for this long and I was beginning to get worried.

I don’t know why I took a look inside the dog house, but there he was…on what appeared to be his death bed. Panting and weak. My eyesight is poor and even worse in dark corners, but I thought that the reason his mouth was open because of the panting. My first thought was that the person that was taking care of our pets didn’t realize that I needed the cat to be fed also, but as we soon found out my assumptions were way off.

DH removed Houdini from the pillow and placed him in a carrier. Houdini has a bad habit of lashing out at the oddest moments, so knowing that he was not well kept us from close examination until we could get him contained. Closer examination showed what appeared to us as a broken jaw. The vet confirmed said assumption and added a diagnosis of gross infection in the jaw, as well as a broken shoulder. Ouch!

The vet determined that the shoulder would have to heal on its on, but the jaw would have to be wired and ultimately teeth pulled because the jaw might not line up properly. Poor cat! We felt terribly that we didn’t find him for a couple of days and that we had no idea of how long he had been injured. The teenager caring for him, could not give specifics of when the last time she saw him, so there is just no telling how long he had been suffering.

Houdini is a most unusual cat that we rescued from the local animal shelter. Personally, I think he suffers from a multiple personality disorder…and about 4 of those personalities barely tolerate us, just as we barely tolerate them. There are moments, although short, where he can be the sweetest, most gentle, loving animal around…but when one of the alter egos appear….LOOK OUT! Here’s to hoping that with the surgery and near death experience, some of those personalities fall by the wayside, rather than dear Houdini gaining any further unwelcome “guests” to his small frame.