Vacation Anyone?

Every now and again, I get a hankerin’ to hop on a cruise ship to get away from my reality. Can you relate?

Though my life is not ‘bad’, it is lacking in certain areas. I have lost focus and have over-burdened us with  too much excess. Excess stuff….excessive mileage on our vehicles…excessive upkeep of too many ‘places’. Sometimes, I just want to take a break! Go away and forget what is facing me…to ignore what really needs to be done. At times the projects before me send me into an abyss…so escape is my ‘answer’.

Today, as I sit watching the beautiful snow fall, I feel the same need to run away, but today it wasn’t a sunny locale with warm sands beneath my feet that tugged at my heart. My longing comes from some place much closer to home. Our farm is where I wish I could be this very moment….four miles west and two south. So very close, yet so far. I have always dreamed that we would eventually build a house and make our forever home at the farm. How relaxing it would be to be sitting on the front porch, with a hot cup of coffee in hand…watching the snow fall across the field and pasture beyond. Instead, at this moment, I watch the snow falling and my neighbors dilapidated fence swaying in the breeze.

I have not given up on our dream, but these days so many obstacles have barricaded the doors of opportunity….which keeps me falling back into my balcony cabin dream. While reading a homesteading book today I came across a quote from Seth Godin (an author of several marketing books)that spoke to me. “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” If you long to be somewhere in your life other than your present location…make it so! You see, I do know what it is going to take…even if new obstacles appear. I must energize myself with the thoughts of the outcome and forge beyond the pain of what is before me.

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