Weather Damage to K-State Campus and Surrounding Businesses in Manhattan

Just coming across the bottom of the news screen…damage at KSU and surrounding buildings. Overturned vehicles and windows of Fiedler Hall (Engineering) on campus were blown out.

8 thoughts on “Weather Damage to K-State Campus and Surrounding Businesses in Manhattan

  1. The town of Chapman was 85% destroyed… The one thing we here in Greensburg never wanted to see anyone go through… makes me want to go live in a cave somewhere, these storms are just horrible, it scares me…

  2. Yesterday, an online friend in Iowa was telling us all that they were told to take the computers home (from a downtown office)and that they woule most likely be working from home for the next few weeks. The water was rising as she was seing information to us.
    This widespread devastation is almost beyond comprehension.

  3. Dh (here in Saline co.) saw the funnel forming and go east..left lots of damage here in county…moving east to Chapman, then Manhattan. DD was just married there last weekend, lives there west of town with her new hub. She said it’s a mess..especailly campus. I am so exhausted I slept through it all for once! This weather is wacked. very very strange.

  4. For the first time in my lifetime of living in KS I want to take valubales and documents to the basement to keep safe. I just have this wierd feeling…sigh.

  5. Jenny-Is everyone in your family safe? I have been away from the television all day and have not been able to check on the depth of destruction.
    Traveling home from Wichita this evening, DD and I both saw two tornadoes come out of the clouds/rain and appear on the horizon south of us. We were headed west on Hwy 400. DH could not get pulled over quick enough to see it himself, nor could I get my camera out of the bag fast enough to get a photo. We did pull over at Garden Plain and took a few photos and video of the terrible storm rolling through Sedgwick, Kingman, and Barton counties.

  6. All this weather is amazing! Is everyone freaking out? Mother Nature is p****d off, I think. I hope everyone there is okay. We are fine in Central Minnesota, but Southern MN, Iowa and Wisconsin are a mess!

    Lisa in MN

  7. I could not agree more Lisa Z! Anita on Prairie Dreams, just posted about how Kansas is leading the nation with tornadoes this seasson. Not a record we all wish to hold.

    Glad that you are okay. We are fine, but heard from MIL that SIL’s house and roundtop were damaged by all of the hail….but everyone is okay.

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