Wow…Maybe I Had a Great Idea After All!

 Back on May 21st, in my post Fuel Prices, I mentioned that a 4 day work week might be a way for employers and employees to offset some of the fuel costs of commuting. Well, tonight I saw a newsbit on television that talked about Gove County here in Kansas talking about going to a 4 Day work week. GREAT IDEA! 

4 thoughts on “Wow…Maybe I Had a Great Idea After All!

  1. I always liked it when we had a 4 day work week due to a Holiday. So on this new job/new business for the boss, once I had the place up and running, I approached him with the idea of my being open just 4 days a week…. It would save him payroll for the day (went from 5-8’s to 4-8’s) and would still be over the 30 hrs/wk I needed to put in to get my health insurance paid for.

    At my age, over 50, Time is even more precious than Money… and I wanted the extra time off to spend with my family, especially my young grandkids and their school activities and field trips, and my DIY projects on my house remodeling.

    The boss agreed, and I am now enjoying a 4 day week…. Because the total yearly income dropped, so did my tax bracket, and so I am not missing as much money as I thought I would.

    I am thoroughly enjoying my self-imposed 4 day work week 🙂 Makes every weekend seem like a Holiday weekend – all my Mondays are off! 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping in Marci! I will be 50 in a few months and definitely understand the desire spend more time with family. Currently, I am purposefully unemployed, but when I return to the workforce in another year, I would really like to find a 4 day a week position.
    DH would also like to work from home, but one of us has to keep that health insurance going…lol.

  3. You are oh so smart in thinking about a 4 day work week…I just heard something else on it last night on one of the talk shows….I think it is a SUPER idea !

  4. I know DH would be interested in doing this and so would his wife…haha! Maybe some of my projects around the house could get a bit more attention. 🙂

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